Vineland, New Jersey – A Paradise on Earth

When Charles Landis purchased vast acreage in this area of Cumberland County, his vision was for the town to be a utopian city. He mandated that all houses be constructed within a year of buying their lots and forbade the sale of alcohol. He wanted the residents to work hard, clearing the wooded land and engaging in agriculture each year.

The result was a prosperous community with a high quality of life. It is a town with spacious streets lined with fine shade trees, and its citizens have comfortable homes, conveniently arranged, and elegantly furnished. The town has a great many churches and a number of private schools.

It is not only the business and industrial centers of Vineland that have made it a desirable place to live; it is also its recreational facilities, including 18 parks and an extensive public library system. In addition, it is home to the largest farmer’s cooperative situated on the East Coast.

Vineland is also known for its rich history of inventions and inventors, including Joseph Fourestier, the founder of Skee Ball. Visitors can tour the local museum and research library, whose collections include 19th century glassware, art, musical instruments, Native American artifacts, and Civil War memorabilia.

With the new influx of people moving to this region, Vineland has diversified its economy. In addition to the thriving retail and restaurant sectors, there are now major medical facilities such as Inspira Medical Center Vineland. This hospital, part of the Inspira Health Network, is a nationally recognized teaching and research facility.

Another economic force in Vineland is a well-known manufacturer of fabric Christmas decorations called Rennoc Corporation, which began in the basement of Richard Conner in 1958. The company now employs more than 100 employees and is the world’s largest producer of its kind.

For the sports enthusiasts, Vineland has several golf courses, tennis courts, a swimming pool and an ice skating rink. The local YMCA provides an array of recreation programs for adults and children of all ages. The town is also the home of the South Jersey Symphony Orchestra and a regional theater, which features plays, musicals and concerts throughout the year.

Vineland is located on the Maurice River in Cumberland County and is 33 miles south of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and 38 miles north of Atlantic City, New Jersey. It is the perfect location for a day trip or a long weekend away from the hectic pace of the big city.