The Psychology Department at Brescia University

Brescia University’s psychology department offers a variety of programs. Students may choose from an Associate of Science in Psychology or a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. These two programs are designed to give students a solid foundation for several career options. They also provide a strong liberal arts tradition.

Students can earn a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology in two years or less. This program prepares students for the next level of licensure. Additionally, it helps to prepare them for a wide variety of health care careers. The program covers subjects like forensic and educational psychology, psychiatric disorders, and the brain. It also introduces students to research methods.

Students can complete their degree online. Online programs are ideal for those who work or are otherwise unable to attend school in person. They can also be a great way to take courses on a flexible schedule.

The Psychology Department at Brescia is a fast-growing program. Currently, it enrolls more than nine hundred students. There are nine different courses offered, which can be completed in person or online. In addition, the school has a small student to teacher ratio. A dedicated faculty is committed to making sure students are confident in their abilities.

Students can get involved with the Brescia Psychology Association. This brescia psychology organization helps students become a part of a network and learn how to use the data they collect for their own research projects. Interested students can also complete a fourth-year thesis project.

Students who are interested in becoming a licensed psychologist can complete the Kentucky Licensed Psychologist Credential Training Program. In this course, students will explore the etiology of mental disorders, diagnostic criteria of the DSM, and ethical issues in clinical psychology. They will also complete two practica for a total of 300 hours.

Graduates can find a wide range of jobs, from mental health and social services to teaching and management. With a background in psychology, students can leverage their knowledge of the human mind to promote healthy development.

Students can also earn a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Brescia University. This is an accredited program that provides a solid foundation for a variety of career options. Applicants must have at least 12 credits in psychology courses with a minimum grade of C. Those who have an A level are preferred, but those with a B average can also be accepted.

Students can also apply to the Honors Thesis course. The school is interested in attracting students with interests in innovative teaching methods, as well as those who share the value of building a diverse community.

Brescia University is affiliated with the University of Western Ontario. This allows students to benefit from their proximity to a large, reputable university. Moreover, there are a number of grants and financial aid options available to students. For instance, students can receive up to $2,500 in scholarships, and federal financial aid is also available to eligible students.

Psychology students have a choice of completing their degree in person or online. In-person courses require a campus location and some campus-based courses are offered at a smaller class size. However, many students are opting to study via the Internet.